Sales, Service, Storage
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Bristol Sales Centre: 01454 632332

Sales, Service, Storage

Bristol Sales Centre: 01454 632332


We can, and have valued for the following purposes:

  1. Valuation of either business or business assets for sale, insurance or takeover purposes.
  2. Sale of business assets for cessation of business due to retirement, death, cessation/dissolution of partners
  3. Valuation for company assets undertaking an insolvency process or partnership split
  4. Sales of business assets by private treaty, on-line, tender and on site auctions, including Internet marketing
  5. Stock sales for clients who have surplus stock; by either private treaty, on-line, including through our on-line shop, giving anonymity to vendors including exclusion of purchasers rights under the Retail Sales of Goods Act
  6. Valuation for various insurance purposes of commercial assets, for replacement cost, or present market values basis etc.
  7. Valuation of probate estates for tax settlement or family division purposes, both private and trading
  8. Valuation for replacement cost insurance purposes for both commercial and domestic assets
  9. Entries now invited for our collectible auctions